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SBN Endorsements: Gordon, Guillen, Sousa

After a thoughtful and careful review, Save Burbank Neighborhoods is proud to endorse the following candidates for the 2017 Burbank City Council: Dr. David Gordon, Juan Guillen, and Greg Sousa.

Dr. David Gordon

Dr. Gordon will work diligently to protect the rights of Burbank citizens. He values our neighborhoods. His 10 year record proves he puts residents first.

Juan Guillen

Juan Guillen is a Marine Corps veteran with more than a decade of community service. He is also a small business owner who will fight to balance the city budget and ensure fiscal responsibility.

Greg Sousa

Greg Sousa will hit the pause button on irresponsible over-development. With both a JD and an LLM, his legal background will help bring clarity, integrity, and accountability back to City Council.

All three of these candidates have pledged to protect the charm and small-town character of our city. They stand for smart growth over unchecked mega-development. None of them have received funding from developers or corporate outsiders.

For too long, Dr. Gordon has been the lone voice of reason on a City Council that dismisses the concerns of residents, caters to big developers, and places the interests of corporate outsiders above those of Burbank citizens. We need a 3-2 council majority in order to prevent Burbank from losing its unique, and very special, small-town character.

Please join us in saving our city and voting for change. The upcoming election is by mail-in ballot only. In order to ensure your vote is counted, we recommend mailing your ballot by February 25th.

Vote Gordon, Guillen, Sousa.

Mail-in your ballot before February 25th.

If you’d like to campaign on behalf of any of our candidates, please visit our “Get Involved” page for ways to help.

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