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13 Story Mixed Use Building Proposed on Screenland

So is this a photo from a 1960's sci-fi movie? Perhaps a modern luxury condo in Denmark? No, it's a proposed 13-story mixed use multifamily residential and ground-floor retail/restaurant building slated for the Media District. While this design is quite modern and nice, does it really fit in with the surrounding neighborhood? Or anywhere in Burbank for that matter? Maybe on Mid-Wilshire, but here in quaint little Burbank?

Here's what the City of Burbank's website says: The site is located at 115 North Screenland Drive and is a total of approximately 31,083 square-feet (0.7 acre) of land. The site is in the Media District, and surrounded by commercial zoning including the MDC-2, MDC-3, MDC-4, and Planned Development zones. The project proposes a single 13-story building (approximately 170 ft. high), with a total of 40 apartments, approximately 3,730 square-feet of retail/restaurant space on the ground floor, and two levels of subterranean parking. All apartment units have two bedrooms, and range in size between 1,262 to 1,430 square-feet each. The applicant proposes to provide a total of 229 parking spaces, 109 required for the project plus 120 excess parking spaces (30 of the excess parking spaces would be in tandem). The existing parking lot with 114 spaces (utilized for the medical building at 3808 Riverside Dr.) would be removed, and the 120 excess parking spaces in the project would be available for use by the medical building tenants and visitors. On-site amenities and common open space will be provided for the residents, including a rooftop pool (terrace on the 2nd floor) and possibly a gym/fitness facility and common room. The vehicular access would be through a two-way driveway on Screenland Drive and a two-way driveway at the alley (the Screenland Drive entrance leads to the upper parking level, and the alley entrance leads to the two lower parking levels).

More information here:

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